We are currently planning on using the same rules and guidelines that we used in May to make the match as safe as possible for everybody.

This is obviously subject to change based on the Governors orders. 

For this match you must register and pay using Practiscore.

Click on the link below to be taken to the Practiscore home page.



  1. You have been assigned a Bay to start from. Please go directly to that bay 15 minutes prior to your start time. Do not stop and socialize. Stay in the bay.  (Squad 101 Bay 1, Squad 102 Bay 2 etc.)
  2. During this time, you may gear up with everything except your gun. After you are geared up, go to the berm and on the SO’s command, they will have you remove your gun from its case, verify it is empty and have you holster it.  Safe Areas will NOT be used due to social distancing requirements.
  3. The SO will give you the “SHOOTER MEETING” information.
  4. The morning shoot will start at 10:00AM, the afternoon shoot will start at 2:00PM.
  5. Upon your squad finishing a course, we will wait until all 5 bays are done shooting. Then at the sound of the horn, all 5 squads will move to the next bay. Those on Bay 5 will go out the back of the bay and around the woods, back to Stage 1.
  6. After the AM group have completed all courses of fire, you will be asked to leave the property as quickly as you can to clear the ranges and parking lot for the PM group.

After the PM group finishes, we would appreciate you helping tear down.


  • Masks and social distancing requirements will be expected at all times. SO’s are expected to monitor the system.  Those who don’t want to wear a mask will be asked to leave.
  • If you feel sick on the day of the match, whether a shooter or a SO, please don’t come to the match. All money will be refunded through Practiscore's system.


Please understand that our efforts are to minimize the number of people you will come in to contact with.  This system should keep that number down to 10 people.

Please abide by all the special rules that come with this event during these difficult times. These are essential for us to put on this event on Tri-County’s property.

Tri-County has pride in the fact that our SO volunteers are friendly and helpful.  Understand that they would all love to socialize with all of our fellow shooters. Unfortunately, we are going to have to keep this short and sweet.

Mechanical devices have been eliminated from this match to cut down on contact with anyone that has reset these devices before you. We hope to go back to them as soon as we can.

Enjoy the shoot and a chance to compete with our fellow shooters.  Thanks!!